Introducing Pulse Surveys on UnderstandBetter.

This is how it should have been. But now, it is.

March 10, 2017 - 2 minute read -
launch announcement

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Rolling out large scale surveys across the company with one single question is too old. Technology has evolved in a way that helps us respect the unique perspective that each and everyone has in an organization.

We’ve seen organizations move from quarterly surveys to near real-time surveys that happen every single day at various parts of their organization. But keeping up with these tasks and scheduling these questions could be a very tedious job. What if, we used technology to automate these questions and keep the rhythm going? And what if, people were able to fill these surveys in 5 seconds?

This is the problem we solved one fine afternoon at UnderstandBetter. The Pulse Surveys on UnderstandBetter helps different teams and areas of business move towards unique feedback techniques.

It gives you the power to run Pulse Surveys in multiple schedules, multiple questions and across multiple teams at different frequencies.

But honestly, that’s not just the best part. Our engineers went one step beyond making this feature. We said,

“All these are sounding nice and good on paper. But what happens when there are over 100 responses to the survey? How do we make sure the management gets a gist of it easily?”

That’s when we took advantage of our state-of-the-art UnderstandEngine’s NLP module. The engine summarizes all the responses collected from these surveys, and presents one single paragraph to the management. This saves them, time, energy and a lot of scrolling on the screen.

Try it for yourself. Get an account on UnderstandBetter now.