Successful CEOs are obsessed with these employee engagement metrics.

Like who, what, when, how - everything they know about their employees.

November 17, 2016 - 2 minute read -
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Understand Engine Announcement

Smart CEOs know that if they can’t measure, they cannot do what they want to do. While there are a ton of metrics CEOs measure regularly in a company, this particular metric is getting to the CEOs minds these days.

While the job of a CEO is to make the company profitable, many tend to ignore to measure the employee engagement metrics. These metrics are crucial, since retaining talent, and keeping them happy is a huge part of a CEO’s job.

Here are the list of metrics that top CEOs are obsessed about, when it comes to employee engagement:

  1. Number of 1-1’s people had this quarter
  2. Overall sentiment of the company - When it comes to their thoughts on the company’s progress and their growth
  3. Happiest day of the week
  4. Happiest week of the month
  5. Happiest month of the year
  6. Number of people responding to feedback questionnaires
  7. Number of people who answered anonymously and what was the sentiment of those responses
  8. How many people participated in the recent Town Hall meeting
  9. How many people actively asked questions about the company during meetings
  10. Average employee retention score
  11. Individual employee stickiness score
  12. Overall company happiness quotient

Though CEOs are spending time measuring these metrics, some CEOs are migrating to tools like UnderstandBetter, which calculates all of these metrics automatically, in real-time.

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